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Environment Policy

Pakistan Wire is one of the foremost producers of high quality wire used in bedding and seating, meachanical springs for engineering, construction and wires for general wire products.

In order to minimise the environmental impact of our operations, we are committed to the prevention of pollution through the following objectives:

1. Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards, including IPPC permit conditions and improvement plans. We will collaborate with the authorities and with other companies in this sector to develop standards and practical guides aimed at protecting natural resources and the environment.

2. Minimise wherever practicable the impact on the external and internal local environment, by reducing waste and contamination of air, water and land. We will also ensure that unavoidable waste is disposed off in a safe, environmental freindly way.

3. Direct operations towards the rational use of resources, packing and energy, and the application of recycling and recovery techniquies aimed at reducing waste.

4. Adopt new technologies, when available which enables us to fulfill these objectives.

5. Invest in training and development of the highest standards for all employees to encourage commitment to the environment.

The policy will be implemented by line management. The team will continuously re-evaluate progress, to ensure the continuity of this policy and to minimize wherever practicable, the environmental impact of the company's activities.

A program of continuous improvement will be set and monitored by the management team.

Pakistan Wire Industries E-51 Textile Avenue, S.I.T.E. Karachi.
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